During the 70's Peter Hilliard was successful in rallys and track racing with Suds, Alfettas and GTV's and campaigned in the BSCC (BTCC) in a 1300 GTV and then under the Alfa Romeo Dealer Team with an Alfetta 1600 gt in th mid 70's. This car was a Dealer Team undertaking with Peter and ARDT Director Leo Bertorelli to have a crack at the 1981 Canon RAC TT. Car was converted to full group 2 spec from its standard Group 1 form gaining huge Autodelta wheel arches, Group 2 suspension including Aurodelta Ergal wishbones and torsion bar adjusters, straight tooth gearbox and an engine change from 1600 to 2000cc.


The Car had a lot of teething problems and was chucked around silverstone by everyone at the Dealerteam to see what was wrong including John dooley/Rob Kirby etc but sadly the car qualified but never started the race :(


After this it was campaigned in the Alfa championship with quite alot of success in 1982 and 83 before being converted to turbo charged format before being retired in favour of Rob Kirby's GTV6.


This picture is a paddock shot of the 1981 TT, note the 1600 shell making it a 1975/6 car, the wheels were compomotive split rims (sadly gone over time)


Snetterton 82/83 Still in pretty much grp 2 form and cornering hard

Peter wheel to wheel with fellow Dealer Team driver Rob Kirby at brands hatch 82.........an accident was seconds away

Hard Charging Hilliard

Mallory 83 I think. Wheel arches removed!

82 again maybe oulton park?

Shell stripped for major boywork in 2011

Engine rebuilt to grp 2 spec by Bob Dove......185BHP @7250rpm and a fat flat tourque curve over a large range!

Shell blasted and ready for repairs

extensive repairs including front floors sourced in Canada

shell almost ready for dry fitting of suspension and then paint

ex-TDR 16" revolutions refurbished

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Having restored several specialist transaxle race cars I can now offer all the parts you would need to build/restore an historic spec Alfa Transaxle car and advise on what you may need and where you can get it from.

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We are currently developing new GrpA 2.5l 12V engines with CNC porting and all the parts to build fresh ultimate performance race engines. This will mean we can offer an exchange head or full race build service for historic V6 race engines.