In the late seventies Turbocharging was breaking out all over motorsport and Alfa was no exception. Autodelta took the step into Group 4 rallying with the Turbodelta and had to homologate the parts with a road car model. It was a very mild version of the rally car and basically an alfetta GTV 2000 with a turbo bolted on. This model was only available in LHD and somewhat less than the actual amount nesassary were produced but aproaching 200. In england this model was unavailable and it was left to a few specialists to produce their own version. Bell&Collville retailed a version that was developed and built by Mathwall engineering in RHD, in the end maybe 10 were produced (a couple of Alfetta saloons and maybe 20-25 Guiliettas wer also sold) and from research I have managed to do I can only find One GTV left alive in Australia and one Guilietta in the UK.

My car is heavily modified road car that I fitted with an ex Mathwall engine found in the back of a birmingham garage after the original car had been in for repairs and never nade it out alive.

Its fitted with the mathwall engine but now has fuel injection, an Alfa 75 evo exhaust manifold, hybrid turbo, intercooler, side exit exhaust, Twinspark gearbox, enlarged brakes, RSR supension kit and the Body work has been converted to Grp 4 spec using original Autodelta Grp 4 Arches and the very rare campagnolo 15" rims that autodelta ran on the alfetta for tarmac stages.

She now has an Evo bonnet, Il'll add photo's later.

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Having restored several specialist transaxle race cars I can now offer all the parts you would need to build/restore an historic spec Alfa Transaxle car and advise on what you may need and where you can get it from.

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We are currently developing new GrpA 2.5l 12V engines with CNC porting and all the parts to build fresh ultimate performance race engines. This will mean we can offer an exchange head or full race build service for historic V6 race engines.